Sunshine Shadows Tracing Activity

Sunshine Shadows Tracing. It's an easy and educational activity to set up and enjoy on a sunny day!

Kids would do shadow plays with their own imagination and their own body, telling a story out loud to theirself while moving into different positions. Kids loved using chalk to trace their shadow on the ground, too.

This would also be a good one for science minded older kids who want to make predictions and watch the shadow change in side and length throughout a day. This activity only requires a few things you probably already have so let's get started!

Materials Needed:

- 1 large sheet of paper2×4

- piece of wood or something similar

- poster putty

- penciltable outside

- sunshine


1. Place your paper on the table. If there is a breeze, make sure to affix it with the poster putty. 2. Place your wood on one end of the table. 3. Use poster putty to affix items to the wood if necessary.

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