ForTheLittleOnes. VolcanoEruption

This week would have been the last of the unit on fire. We would have ended it by making a volcano. You could do it yourself!

What you need:

-A Ziploc bag

-Yellow and Red Paint (I used tempera paint here)

-Brown construction paper

-Double sided tape

-Washi tape or painter’s tape

Follow the instructions below.

1.Cut a small brown volcano mountain. Height of volcano should be about half the size of the Ziploc bag.

2.Apply double sided tape on one of side the volcano cutout. Attach the cutout in the Ziploc bag.

3.Squeeze some yellow and red paint on the side of the volcano cutout that’s not attached to the Ziploc bag.

4.Carefully turn over the bag. Be careful not to press on the bag.

5.Secure the bag on the table with washi tape or painter’s tape so that the bag does not move around during the activity.

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